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The update is here!

Finally the update for Copter 3D has been released. Go get it from the market now!


Copter 3D update coming soon!

After a long time of silence due to other projects, an update for Copter 3D is finally about to be released soon. The most obvious changes are the Facebook link, the game-HUD and messages displayed at the menu screen. The Facebook button now points to the mobile version of Facebook. The game-HUD, as requested, now also shows the best score. The messages system allows us to show messages when starting the game, were we can inform you about available updates or new applications. And don’t worry, we are not going to spam you with messages.

The Facebook integration has also been improved to make sure that a slow internet connection will not cause the app to freeze until the post is uploaded anymore. The post is uploaded in the background and when its done you will be informed.

Possibly the most important part of this update is the fixes of known crashes. These crashes occurred when when the game-over screen was displayed which of course unacceptable since a high score could get lost. These erros should now be gone, and if not please tell us!

As always we are happy to hear your comments!

//Mikael S, developer

We’re up and running!


The papers finally went through and the company is now registered. The Internet was not late in noticing so they sent us a letter, congratulating us.

Hello world! (as is customary)

We are finally up and running! And programmers, as we are, always start with the standard “Hello world!” test, so here it is!

Appealing Works is a small company by three students at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
We started this company because we wanted to make use of our knowledge in Android programming, provide our solutions to others, learn from the experience, and most of all: because it’s fun!

In this blog you will be able to read about our progress with the development of new applications, our updates of old ones, and our plans for the future.
If you have requests or ideas about applications you would like to have you are more than welcome to talk to us. All ideas are welcome!

We hope you will enjoy our works!


Thank you!
/The Appealing Works Team

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