Plex Remote open sourced

If anyone would like to contribute to the Plex Remote application I have now made the source code available at:

The things i believe is most urgent to fix is the ability to set the ip address for plex players manually, and add automatic plex player discovery.
Today plex players are found by discovering plex server on the LAN and then query them for connected plex players. However Plex Home Theater (PHT) has the ability to be discovered just like servers, which should be included in the remote somehow. This functionality is actually already implemented, but has yet to be made available to the user.

One note regarding manual input of a plex player ip address:
Commands for Plex Media Center (PMC) are sent to the plex server which in turn sends the command to PMC.
Commands for PHT are sent from the remote directly to it. Plex remote does not even need to know that a server exists in this case, except for the refresh library functionality.
Therefore, it would be wrong to require the user to enter both a server ip address and the PHT ip address, but necessary if the player is a PMC.
I do not know how this should be presented to the user. Maybe it’s time to drop the support for PMC.


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