Plex Home Theater and API Changes

Update: Plex Remote version 2.11 and above supports the latest versions of Plex Players. The post below, is left untouched for informational purpuses.

As many of you probably noticed, some of the features in Plex Remote are not working with Plex Home Theater (PHT) version 1.0 and above. The reason is several changes to the API, which bring good and bad news.
One of the more welcome changes is that there finally is a reliable way of sending text to the Plex, which means that text for the search field in Plex can be entered on the phones keyboard! I think this is the most requested feature of all.
The downside is that the ability to send virtual key strokes is removed, which unfortunately means
that the queueing functionality will not be available for PHT 1.0 and above, unless the Plex developers have plans to re-add this feature to the API. If you are using PHT 1.0 or above, make sure to deactivate “Simulate escape key” in the settings immediately, as the back key will NOT work otherwise.

Continuing on the removed ability to send virtual keystrokes, the ability to toggle/select subtitle/audio langugage, and showing codec information, is also relying on sending virtual keystrokes, which means that that functionality is broken in the current version of Plex Remote. Fortunately the new API brings separate commands for choosing audio and subtitle stream. This should lead to a more relibale way of choosing subtitles and audio language, since the implemention for earlier versions of Plex is a little shaky.

Finally in Plex Media Server (PMS) version, the section scan modes Turbo scan and Deep scan have been merged together into a regular Scan, which is supposed to be lightning fast. The next version of Plex Remote will handle this and no longer display invalid scan modes when it is connected to a server of version and above.


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