Plex Remote 2.8 released

This the week the new version of Plex Remote has been released.
For this release the feedback received has been taken into account and there are
a couple of new settings available for these features:
– Android’s native back key can now be used to control Plex.
– If desired, the screen can be configured to not time out due to inactivity
– Full screen mode is available, which means that the notification bar will be hidden.
– The back button can be placed on the right side of the screen.

One less obvious difference is that the the command that is used to back in Plex has changed.
Previously, a simulated keystroke on the ESC-key was sent. Sending keys is unfortunately
not working very good in Plex, and the back key was therefore not working for everyone.
In the new version, the command navigation/back is used, which is part of the HTTP API,
and should work for everyone.


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