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Plex Remote is indeed getting popular and e-mails with questions about issues are received increasingly often. With this said, I am happy to announce that a Plex Remote FAQ is finally created, and I hope that it will serve its purpose well. This is just the first version and if you feel that something is unclear or missing, I would love to hear about it!

I would also like to tell you about the update that will be released soon. For all of you who own tablets with large screens, you will be happy to with see the new layout that has been added for landscape mode. The graphics is are updated to support higher pixel densities, and larger screens. Especially you with 10″ screens will notice the difference in the sharpness of the button images. The remote is also adapted to ICS/Jelly Bean and an action bar is added. Previously the remote did not include all features that can be accessed by a remote, and since I didn’t want to clutter the interface I thought the action bar was a good place to put the new features. For older version of android, these features will be available by pressing the menu button. So what are these new features? Right now the only one available is the ability to refresh Plex sections. But First you get presented with a list of all sections, and when a section is clicked you get to choose whether you want to perform a Deep scan, a Turbo scan or Force refresh that section.
To see what this actually means, take a look here:

The final change will be the possibility to choose which button you want to use to go back/exit the application. Right now the Android built in back button is used to control Plex which didn’t turn out to be optimal in all cases. Enough said, here is a screenshot of the new landscape layout:

Screenshot of Plex Remote in landscape mode on a tablet with ICS

//Mikael @ Appealing Works


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